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CAF hacked by Russian group New World Hacking group

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The Confédération Africaine de Football was earlier hacked by the the New World hacking group of Russia. This rose due to the recent dictatorships events by the president of the host country Gabon. The NWH advocating for  democracy and freedom of the human race were against Gabon and its system of ruling .

” Gabon is a country of dictatorship, ” one member of the group told BBC Sports.

This event had the organization’s website beefed up with a 5 second check on every visitor trying to ping or access the site using the cloudflare tools, Of which we are still not sure whether the attacks will happen again to disrupt the organisations progress. This is not a unique issue in Africa as the famous  Anonymous  hacking group performed  DDOS attacks on African  government’s websites and leaked data to the public .

“CAF has taken action but we can not say 100 percent that such a case does not happen again, ”

Junior Binyam, director of communications issues federation said.

CAF network was closed for five hours on Saturday, prompting officials to investigate outages board that they thought it was a virtual source, before realizing the problem was due to udukuzi

This year’s Cup of Nations Africa has been challenged by several citizens of Gabon who have used the opportunity to describe their political grievances.

On Sunday New World Hackers, also claimed the responsibility of hacking the networks of Total an oil company, which announced a major partnership with CAF last  year.

Gabon also managed to top the news on  internet related activities, in September 2016, Gabon imposed a 6 pm to 6 am internet curfew on all its citizens after initially shutting down the internet for a total of 104 hours (the longest internet shutdown since Libya went offline in 2011) after the announcement of its controversial presidential election results which saw Ali Bongo re-elected by a slim margin.

BBC has tried to contact the company for Total but no response yet .

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