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African Innovations and Applications worth Checking out

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I have always been a fanatic of innovation and new technology, this developments creates an adrenaline in me more so when I notice its a world class innovation developed at home and,  Africa’s innovation over the past years has greatly improved giving me the amount of satisfaction and hope . In every area  of technology there has been a development or basically in every daily life aspect. Dating, money, health, agriculture, education and many more as you can think of. 2016 has been a great year for Africa as a continent . As the year comes to an end, we all need to know the hits and misses, what shook the tech waves and what innovative ideas and creations we created . Though some were developed way back but we need to do an applause and share champagnes for the growth :


  • Education

Safari Tales  is an educational and entertainment app that enables kids to access African stories in digital format and enables them to learn African languages. Initially, it was available only on the Android platform. This was mainly because Android phones are the most popular in Africa.

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Ubongo aims to simplify the teaching of mathematics to children through fun video stories in Swahili, and allows participation via SMS. It is watched by over 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania and is available in over one million more households across East Africa.

  • Health

Vula Mobile – South Africa  Picture a junior doctor at a hospital, at the end of a dirt road, hours from the nearest big town with no landline phone. There is a patient in front of the doctor who has a severe eye problem and needs specialist advice.

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Matibabu an innovation created by Ugandan students whose primal aim was to : quoting  “For me, the goal wasn’t just to alleviate momentary pain; eliminating needles and the need for a lab would not only limit the risk of infection but allow for diagnosis in communities that had no medical centers.”

  • Dating

SinglesAroundM  Kenya is the nations top dating app for local singles to meet nearby people and to fall in love.

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Zoosk  is about More singles who are more your style.

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  • Taxi hailing

With ridesharing giants like Uber showing the way, numerous ride sharing apps have been popping up sporadically on the continent (teketaxi , mondo ride ,ousta , little cabs  and many more). This report sizes up ride sharing services in Africa to reveal the total number of ride sharing apps in the continent, the number of services per region, the region with the largest number apps, the timeline of ride sharing app launches, the cities with the highest number of apps and what this all signifies.

  • Gadgets

Drofie, designed in Egypt but currently operating from Latvia, has developed a pocket-size camera with auto-follow feature, meaning a user can have a drone-based camera follow them around and taking pictures of them.


Well we hope 2017 is going to be much of growth and innovation and expansion of territories as we continue to support each other.


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