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Quickpay : simplifying payments

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Currency comes in different forms, from digital, paper, coins, items and many more.  Everything made by man has a purpose and currency was made for transactions, show of wealth and value.  Throughout the years we’ve always tried to figure out to make work easier for us, The that’s why we moved from item currency (barter trade ) to paper and coin and now digital ( visa cards, PayPal,  and crypto currency).

With the new era currency there has been a lot of challenges, tech companies innovating solutions trying to bridge loops in the transaction transfers by making them secure, fast and in real-time: That’s why Quick pay a solution developed by Binary a tech company that’s passionate about payment systems , binary is here to revolutionize the payments culture to a more convenient, cashless and paperless online environment. Binary is involved in other exciting areas such as data analytics, business intelligence and mobile money.

Binary’s boom solution Quickpay,  an online mobile payment solution based on simplicity, convenience and affordability,

  • it’s  a multi-channel system based on both the web and mobile each having a card and a wallet to ease and manage your transactions
  • capable of doing currency conversions so there is no hustle of struggling to know how you will calculate the pros and cons of sending an over or under amount of cash to a new money language
  • its capable of fraud capture: thus it validates the business and the customer details and credentials in a secure way  to avoid false interactions without integrity and know what and how of the true owner
  • Worry less on how you get to know where and what happens after you commit the transactions: Quick Pay has a real-time Email and SMS  notification system on each and every transaction you make as a business and a customer  with the history capabilities so no forgetting of where you did make the payments
  • its PCI (payment card Industry ) compliant and for the developers worry not for it also has an API: wishing to create a transaction system worry not Quick pay got you sorted: it integrates  seamlessly with;- MIS (management information systems);ERPs (enterprise resource Planning );CRM ( customer relationship management).

For the business out here wondering how Quick pay comes in handy for you with your customers? Well it’s all easy and precise:

  • Business registration on Quick pay
  • Quick pay provides registration credentials.
  • Quick pay interfaces to the business
  • Quick pay validates business and account numbers.
  • Quick pay generates notifications
  • Quick pay generates business reports.
For a  Customers it’s also not wise to get  into something that you are not familiar with, well it’s a secure system don’t worry with an easy flow of everything from the start to commit transaction process

  • Customer signs-up on Quickpay.
  • Customer accesses Quick pay on their device.
  • Quickpay validates business.
  • Quickpay validates customer account number.
  • Customer completes payment.
  • Customer receives noti_cations.
  • Quickpay notifies ERP / MIS of payment.
  • Quickpay generates customer reports.

Quick pay comes in handy in payments of a lot of things that we relate and struggle with in our daily lives, just at the fingertips and BAM!

  • School Fees Payments
  • Rent Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Mass Payments
  • Quick pay Online Wallet
  • Payment Gateway
  • Online Invoicing

All done securely.

Quickpay is not only convenient, secure and faster but it also has a lot of benefits that come in handy to the user:

  • Time Saving
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Better Business / Customer Experience
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Easy
  • affordable
  • Cheaper
  • Competitive
  • Customer Experience – Improved Service

You can get in touch with them through their website Binary and Quick pay for for information.

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