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Apple’s IPhone7, IPhone7 plus , #airpod , IWatch series 2, and Super Mario

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Nothing has been so much anticipated like the iPhone 7  for the past few months or probably after the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, After Samsung release the s7 edge , we definatley knew that apple is on the way few days or weeks later with their iPhone 7, little did we know we were to wait “Forever” for the angel phone. The wait finally came to an end and the the company announced their launch date and it came to pass on September 7th 2016, the only rumors everybody heard of were for the unimaginable #airpods, everybody creating an illusion of the device in their on way, others saying it will be a transparent phone, others that the screen will be from edge to edge, well a hand of applause [sce emoji=”clap”/] to apple, they always find a way into our Minds as users.

with the live tweet event and all, Apple always brings the type of way feeling  [sce emoji=”blush”/] on our faces.

Lets get down to business now [sce emoji=”bhangra”/].

iPhone 7 and 7 plus were launched on the day making one of the phones with glossy look and feel, for the loose grip handed people well apple made it easier for you to crack another screen [sce emoji=”laugh”/].


Yes i know you’ve already dropped it and its not even in your hands.

The phone’s  design is the same as that of  6s  with the antennas seamlessly integrated into the aluminium body,

it comes with a dual camera for the iPhone 7 plus with one camera for telephoto and another with a wide lens  and raw capture capabilities.


The home button also has an upgrade it relies  on the apple taptic engine just like the new track pad and apple watch’s design, you just don’t click but you feel like it.[sce emoji=”handsinair”/].

The Display is 25% brighter than the previous models with a wide color range and continued support for 3D.

The new processor is also infused into the Phone the A10 fusion has a four core cpu, 2 high perfomance for cpu cores each 40% faster than the A9, and two high efficieny cores that run at 1/5 to save on the battery power.

The phone is dust and water proof, on the water part lol! dont try to go swimming with it cause it really doesn’t or cant stay in water for a longer period of time just drop it and pick it you are safe.

The battery life is improved  i.e an average time you expect for the 6s to 7 is 2 hours whilst for 7 plus you get an extra hour.



 [sce emoji=”music”/][sce emoji=”music”/] [sce emoji=”music”/]

The Long awaited wireless earphone [sce emoji=”headphones”/]  aka #airpod , weird, strange lovely but usable.

  • the airpods [sce emoji=”headphones”/] use infrared to function which means they only function or play when they are in your ears only.
  • they us the new chip w1 which will also be integrated in the new beat headphone.
  • they offer the best five hours of none stop quality music before you could charge them again in their casing which hold up to 24hrs of charge


The pre orders of the devices are available or open on 9th September at a cost of $649 for the 32GB oh! wait we are done with the 16Gb era no more that stubborn notification “running low on space” [sce emoji=”champagne”/], the shippings will be done a week later on the 16th.

The memory size is also increased running from the lowest 32GB to 128GB then to 256GB and remember you add an extra $100 to get the high Gigas.

Now going to the Iwatch series 2 ,this one of the best upgrade in the apple world and more is yet to come, the series 2 watch is swim proof, yeah yeah deep dive wash clothes or just relax in water no harm to your device.


  • the device is fully sealed, water will flow into the speaker cavity and then get ejected after the work out. How awesome is this??

thinking of changing a career to swimming just to feel the embrace   of the watch.

within the confines of the seal lies a dual core processor up to 50% faster and a GPU that’s 2x faster.

[sce emoji=”footballfail”/][sce emoji=”games”/]

Jonh Hanke – CEO Niantic labs announce a new version of Pokemon GO for the watch.

  • the users or players don’t have to keep their phone on but the watch will just be alerted in Case there is a new Pokemon  in the surrounding .
  • for apple to allow such gaming capabilities it has enabled third party and apps to be kept in the memory with a refresh process in the background.

With the third os of the apple watch, apple will allow other applications like breath to run, the apple will help you cool down after a hectic heavy play of Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go will be available by the end of the year and the OS 3  for the watch will be available on september 13.

For the old gamers like I who don’t know much of today’s hype in games are soon to feel feel at home not only did pokemon made us feel so super into games but it made us feel appreciated as old gamers, now apple and Nintendo partner up to come with super Mario run, not only do you just feel at home, feel the rush while collecting the coins but you also can play with your friends who are quite far or far away from you. so it is a Multiplayer game!! Awesome, Thanks NINTENDO


 The game will be available also in December,

Well that was all for our review.

Credits to Tito Hamzee

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