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E-commerce has become a trend nowadays, just a tap on the device and the product is delivered to you no matter the locality you are in. Today we take our time to give you an Insight about Nunur, an e-commerce platform linking consumers, retailers and suppliers.

What is Nunur?

Nunur is an e-commerce platform linking retailers, consumers and suppliers in the FMCG market niche.
We help consumers shop at their favorite retail outlets at the comfort of their homes through their mobile devices and get their shopping basket delivered to them at the door step. We give retailers’ visibility to thousands of our users online thus enabling them increase their sales. Further, we give credit to our consumers through the kopa shopping product at just 4% interest rate thus increasing their purchasing power.

When was it started?

We started developing Nunur back in Feb 2016 and rolled it out to the public late may 2016.

What Problems do you want solve?

  • Marketing constraints to businesses. The cost of marketing is high for many businesses therefore Nunur provides a platform where any business can open an online store and be able to market and sell its services and products online at a very low cost while creating an online marketing profile for themselves.
  • Risk of fraudsters and unsecure payments. Nunur takes the risk of the transactions by ensuring that payments through our platform are effected by activation by the consumer as we ensure that shop owners are accountable. More so we are providing an efficient delivery mechanism with trusted personnel.
  • Cost of shopping. The cost of shopping is unusually high with movement and time being in consideration. Nunur cuts this cost by lowering overhead costs and increasing the purchasing power of the consumers through the kopa shopping product.
  • Secure and efficient delivery. Nunur harbors a robust courier service with incredible
    technological authentication procedures endowed with efficient human resource to ensure secure and efficient deliveries for its clientele.

Why E-commerce why not any other field?

E-commerce is an incredible way of monetizing any online business. Further, there was a gap in terms of FMCGs being available online and we decided to provide them the avenue of trading online at a cheaper cost than them running their own online profiles which is rather much expensive.


What audience and what mobile platforms are you reaching to?

We are targeting basically any Kenyan that shops for any FMCG products and can afford a smartphone.
More precisely the middle to upper income earners who are busy and would love to offset the cost of having to go shopping physically.


What inspired you to solve that problem?

The inspiration for this was drawn by the frustrations our colleagues at work face when they have to ride to malls late after work to do their shopping. Further, there has been an upsurge in e-commerce with the growth of the conventional e-commerce platforms e.g. jumia and we thought why not shop for unconventional products online.


If you have investors for the app. please explain to other people with tech startups on how to move from a startup to a business

The first thing is to know how you monetize your idea and identify the need you are solving. Is it primary
or not. Do a proper documentation detailing the business aspect of the startup. This way you can be able
to pitch your business to potential investors. Always dream big and ensure your business is scalable.


What are the fun things when working on such a project.

Getting to meet clients and explaining to them what an amazing technology we have. It is always fun
when people appreciate what you are offering.


What technologies they used when developing the app?

Android programming, web programming(PHP,HTML, XML).


Explain how the app works

A user has to have the Nunur mobile app. Sign in using the phone number and a password. Select a category of the kind of store he/she is looking for. The application has a geo-location application; it lists shops in the specific category starting from the nearest one to the user. The user selects the store of his liking. Gets into the shop, selects a category of items to shop. Adds to cart then proceeds to check out.
For a retailer, he/she registers their shop through a web application . Once the store is approved from our end, the store owner can upload their products with just one import of an excel stock list. From the web application they can manage their store. However, retailers are able to accept order through a phone application nunur orders.


What challenges have you faced and how are you planning to overcome them?

  • The challenges we are facing include consumer awareness and trust to use the application.
  • The marketing aspect is quite capital intensive and requires a great deal of investment.

How many downloads so far?

Over 200 in a controlled pilot program that is on going.


Where do you see Nunur in the next 5 years.

Nunur will be a leading FMCG e-commerce platform in Africa with franchises in leading retail markets in Africa.

Download Nunur from Google Play

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More information can be found on

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