Meet Tony the 13 year old Ghanian Inventor

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Talk of the world prodigies, is int it nice to have special abilities, skills and talent? well, remember when you were a kid and meshed up steel wires and came up with cars and all that fancy stuff, the feeling you had when you were praised for being the greatest ‘investor’ of the time then, Then you grew up no one noticed all the skills and they just went down the drain. We lack support since childhood that’s a thing noticed in the African Culture in many situations. We end up picking courses at school that barely even help us in life just because the society has forced us to live up to ‘its standard’, well not a bad idea but does the society notice what we are potential of ? is there a way we can also reciprocate the situation to make the society live up to our standard ?

Well Lets celebrate this little Ghanian Genius,  Tony a 13 year old boy who has invented a solar charger and light. The trick is simple, a trash to many but a diamond to the little boy. The rubbish pits are one of the many place we despise but the little boy just needed to find few things to come up with his invention, Magarine plastic can, wires , switch , usb charging point and lights. The items safely under his arms with the skills will come up with a game changer in the electrical space world, a solar light and charger!!
He’s made three families happy already by enabling them to have light in their household.
And the best part is that Revelation Life supported his education through our Sponsorship Programme thanks to our regular givers! If you’d like to join in and be a ‘change-maker’ yourself to support people like Tony, please make a donation on our site: Revelation Life


Thanks to ghanianpost for the limelight of our true genius.

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